Used for School

Used for Self

Technology in Education

  • Khan Academy – Useful for gaining further insight on a subject covered by a teacher, and for increasing comprehension of a topic inexpertlu explained
  • Desmos – Useful when checking math homework accuracy and testing out graphing scenarios
  • Moodle – Allows me to easily access AP Calculus worksheets and online quizzes, as well as homework questions and a calendar. This helps if I forget to copy down the homework in class, and lets me know about upcoming tests and quizzes while also allowing me easy access to my teacher via a messaging feature
  • Sparknotes – Especially helps in English if I haven’t written notes on a book and have trouble discerning the deeper meaning and symbolism of items/events
  • IDC ICT Course Website – Lets me access assignment details and necessary videos/exemplars outside of class, allowing me to focus more on the assignment instead of copying down instructions during class itself